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Businessman Dong Weiping (sound) have a lingerie factory leather lingerie manufacturer in Cairo, he told me that he had more than 40 relatives in Egypt, all are selling his products. Other Chinese people, compared with more than Egyptian business lingerie shop supply. These Chinese people, underwear business is their life in Egypt, a window, their lives followed lingerie vendor-specific schedule: daytime work began leather lingerie late in the evening to work long hours. Better winter than in summer, Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity, but the best time to sell is Valentine's Day. Therefore this year's Valentine's Day holiday, I said goodbye to his wife, drove four hours to rush to Assiut, observe the locals in the "China Star" store to buy underwear, until nearly midnight,leather and lingerie there are people to come shopping.

Valentine's Day, "China Star" customers were men, which is very rare in a year. Normally store customers only women, they often buy clothing fit thin, Chinese businessmen known as "casual." Upper Egypt's women do not wear such clothing in public black leather lingerie places, but the house can be. This is one reason the lucrative apparel market: Egyptian women need to separately purchase two sets of clothing, a set of wear on the outside, a privately wear. Under normal circumstances, they still need another type of clothing, such clothing designed to be more sexy.
Owner Chen Yaying (sound) and her husband Liu Jun (sound) plus size leather lingerie together operate stores in Egypt, their names are Kiki and John. Both husband and wife have short stature. Her 24-year-old, still looks like a school girl, wearing glasses box, loosely ponytail.

Chinese businessman living situation in Egypt rarely guess customers, even those faux leather lingerie customers often see. Kiki told me that some local women would come two or three times a month, bought hundreds of pieces of pajamas and underwear, and therefore "China Star" you have to replace a number of merchandise every two months. After I asked why, businessmen often say this is because men like Egypt, lingerie leather sexy woman, but in public places numerous restrictions on dress.

I was able to find among the Chinese businessmen region, Malawi is one of the poorest places. There, a man named Ye Da (sound) businessman invite me to his shabby apartment for lunch, and found that he accidentally bought a camel meat at the butcher shop. Egypt has experienced women in leather lingerie the most horrific political violence, in August 2013, the riots resulted in 18 deaths, shortly thereafter, he and his wife leaves up to come here. They have only one book, the Chinese title is "the best doctor is yourself." They almost do not speak Arabic, do not speak English. They do not cheap leather lingerie have Chinese - Arabic dictionary, phrasebook no, no language teaching - in fact, at any one I have not seen underwear merchant these things. And Mandarin is different from Arabic by gender in different forms. Chinese businessmen to learn the language completely by listening, often female customers as role models. I began to see this as a kind of women in leather and lingerie "underwear dialect," these women spoke the language of the Chinese men feel a bit warm.

In the "underwear dialect", the "queen of this one I have" is an important, frequently used Chinese businessmen. Egyptians favor the "big", they usually joyful nature, full of charm, like "China Star" who, like the womens leather lingerie elders. In contrast, Chinese people like the "small", used unassuming. This distinction is very suitable for underwear deal. Chinese businessman status is not high, little is known, but few care about what - this series of quality are easy to make customers feel comfortable in Egypt.

These shops often employ local young female allure leather lingerie waitress, who many have barely communicate with the boss. Nevertheless, they usually Chinese bosses absolute loyalty. In Egypt, women working is not common, some waitress seems to depart from tradition. In the "China Star", Kiki and John now hired a 18-year-old waitress, she named Rahma Medhat, wearing a headscarf, has tattoos on his hands, which on one hand is the leather lingerie plus size skull and cross bones. Rahma told me with obvious satisfaction, her parents are extremely angry, but also against her to the lingerie shop work. Before her lingerie shop had hired another young woman, but she was having trouble at home. John said he did not fully understand her situation, but he noticed her face, bruises on the arm,leather lingerie manufacturers one day, her father came to the store, in front of the shop on the sidewalk beating her.

Most staff out of work because of economic difficulties. Chinese underwear in Minya corner, 27-year-old Rasha Abdel Rahman told me that her mother died, his father because of a car accident disability, she was out of work since then, but now almost 10 years. plus size leather lingerie manufacturer She has four sisters, she helped them make money three married. Previously she was another Chinese businessman working, she said she would not accept the Egyptian employers to hire. She felt Chinese people frank, honest, do not love the locals involved in gossip. "They can keep lingerie leather manufacturer a secret." She said.