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With rope underwear: high style underwear, on both sides of the waist are tied with rope wholesale Valentine Lingerie for attaching this underwear looks bold, burning, woman wearing suit all body types. And as long as one side of the rope untied, enough of a stimulus.
Lace panties: mainly translucent material, surrounded by embroidered lace trim, a valentine lingerie romantic "inner beauty" a typical representative, pubic hair looming, it is a great visual tease, touch it directly is pleasure.
Pants: This underwear nothing happens in between the two stocks to cheap valentine lingerie cover, if they wear miniskirts go out, be scary enough, this was undoubtedly stunned, burning design.
There sack stockings: Between the two there is a huge opening stocks can be no hindrance to touch underwear.
Garter elastic band: Imagine a woman will put one leg on the chair, the lingerie valentine kind of sultry grace, can directly captured the hearts of all beings.
Up and down the dwelling. Red silk fabric production, it is very energetic, worn on the body, the skin is more delicate. Tops simple, with a small bow, coupled with wide lace waist; pants made into a mini skirt styles, lingerie for valentine light and nimble.
Tuxedo type. Natural waist, generous style are the main features. With short oil, lace cuffs into flared skirt has a curvature like dew non-exposed chest, as if Unspoken, both coat style, there are underwear fun.
Sling type. Thin shoulder straps, mostly blue-black, valentine lingerie sale green and black and white, feel fresh and relaxed. Black edge longer under indoor lighting can flash, opening the chest, with a thin strip of lightly tied, giving shy of the state.
Type folds. Mostly milky white silk and lace match, waist, big skirt, drape, plus size valentine lingerie lace skirts with pleats in the form of decorative, elegant, will play like a girl angel.

Is located in Upper Egypt (Upper Egypt) in the heart of the city of Assiut (Asyut) located at the corner of the Nile, the West Bank has a university and a railway station, a population of about 400,000. Chinese immigrants in this opened three stores selling mens valentine lingerie racy lingerie to locals.

3 shops are not hard to find. Assiut arrived, when I hit the car into the city, and asked the driver if he knew the Chinese people live within the city. He did not hesitate into the Nile Corniche, through a series of narrow streets, pointed out to me misses valentine lingerie a sign that reads in Arabic, "China lingerie shop." The other two stores, "China Star" and "Norma Chinese" This is less than a block away.

The three store owners are from southeastern China's Zhejiang province, probably similar products sold,wholesale lingerie suppliers including many low price, bright colors, very impractical, such as tights, cover only the chest pajamas and thong with feathers, Also take a gold chain hanging plastic decorated clairvoyant outfit. Product brands include "laughing girl" (Laugh Girl), "Shan Dieter lingerie wholesale underwear" (Shady Tex Lingerie), "love Italian Creativity" (Hot Love Italy Design) and "Temptation of sexy fashion network" (Sexy Fashion Reticulation Alluring) .

Egypt is one of the most conservative parts of the country. In fact, where Muslim women wholesale lingerie distributors wearing headscarves, veils are not uncommon, they are often dressed in black cover the body, revealing only the eyes. Most cities and towns little industry, no tourism, and Asyut Governorate, Egypt's poorest province, Assiut city is the capital of the mens lingerie wholesale province of Asyut.

Sometimes a small number of Syrians came plus size lingerie wholesale to the region's tourism market, in addition, foreigners in this business is simply unthinkable, but I still found scattered Chinese suppliers of underwear.

Beni Suef province capital of north-central Egypt Beni Suef have open-air market, known as the Syrian best wholesale lingerie Trade Fair, two Chinese underwear suppliers, together with the Syrian businessman buy lingerie wholesale selling cheap clothing and accessories. Southern neighboring Minya (Minya), a shopping center at the entrance reads persuade people not jealous of the "Koran" scripture, there is a Chinese underwear buy wholesale lingerie corner shopping center. Remote town in Malawi (Mallawi), a Chinese couple sold belts and pajamas across Malawi destroyed museum. Not long before, the museum has just sacked a group of Islamic extremists and arson.

Within 300 miles of range, I found a total of 26 businessmen from China's wholesale womens lingerie underwear: Sohag (Sohag) 4 name Assiut 12, Malawi 2, Minya 6, Beinisuwei Cardiff (Beni Suef) 2 name. It's a bit like the big cats carnivores divided territory: in the Nile Valley region, 30-50 miles providers typically occurs every group of Chinese underwear, the number of each group of merchants vary depending wholesale cheap lingerie on local populations. Large enough to carry dozens of people in Cairo.