You will find in this section the schedules for each of the divisions as well as the coaches and managers of the teams.


Dieppe Impact FUN1


Nicole Leblanc
Head Coach & Team Manager


FUN1 Calendar


Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Landry)


Mathieu Landry
Head Coach
Virginie Decroocq
Team Manager
FUN2 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Leblanc)


Jean Leblanc
Head Coach
Lissa Jalbert
Team Manager
FUN2 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U10 (Gaudet)


Gabrielle Gaudet
Head Coach
Anik Bastarache
Team Manager
U10 (Gaudet) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Landry)


Marie-Hélène Landry
Head Coach
Jennifer Cool
Team Manager
U10 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Leblanc)


Lise Leblanc
Head Coach
Nicole Leblanc
Team Manager
U10 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U12T1 (Landry)


Michel Landry
Head Coach
Lois Landry
Team Manager
U12T1 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Boudreau)


Marcel Boudreau
Head Coach
Christina Sears-Arseneault
Team Manager
U12 (Boudreau) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Leblanc)


Catherine Leblanc
Head Coach
Melanie Martin
Team Manager
U12 (Leblanc) Calendar


Codiac Cyclones U14T1


Grace MacMillan
Co-Head Coach
Elyse Grandmaison
Co-Head Coach
Sylvie Kirkpatrick
Team Manager
U14T1 Calendar
Dieppe Impact U14 (Anika)


Anika Deschênes
Head Coach
Stephanie Albert
Team Manager
U14 (Anika) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U16 (Diotte)


Marc Diotte
Head Coach
Myriam Cormier-Arseneault
Team Manager
U16 (Diotte) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U16 (Leblanc)


Suzanne LeBlanc
Head Coach
Mia Laforge Vautour
Team Manager
U16 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact Open (Nicole)


Nicole Poirier
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Nicole) Calendar
Dieppe Impact Open (Sonia)


Sonia Richard
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Sonia) Calendar
Update following the AGM on May 10, 2017
Version corrected by Darleen Arseneau on May 23, 2017

1. Mission Statement

The mission of the Dieppe Ringette Association is to provide a safe and fun environment, which promotes skill development, respect, friendship, fair play and a love of play for all participants, members and volunteers.


The main goal of the Dieppe Ringette Association is to provide any young person, regardless of race, creed, status or ability, with an equal opportunity to play ringette as a healthy hobby in conditions that teach and encourage the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, pure competitiveness and fair play in an effort to help the child live a healthier and happier life.

This policy and procedures manual is intended to provide guidance and guidance to those who are responsible for the operational needs of the Dieppe Ringette Association.

Our association exists with the support of volunteers and it is essential that everyone be familiar with the rules and policies of our association, especially codes of conduct.

If at any time the information in this document is unclear, please contact a member of the board of directors.

This policy and procedure manual is intended as a source of reference for all volunteers in our association and it is imperative that all volunteers behave in an honorable manner and give their best to ensure that every child is a real priority.

2. Structure

The Dieppe Ringette Association is a non-profit organization. The association is responsible for all recreational ringette activities within its borders. Ringette New Brunswick (GNI) governs all New Brunswick ringette activities and derives its authority from Ringette Canada.

The Executive Committee of the Dieppe Ringette Association meets monthly and is structured as follows:

1- Presidency 
2- Outgoing Chair 
3- Vice Presidency 
4- Secretary 
5- Treasurer
6- Ice Programming Branch
7- Referees Branch
8- Equipment Branch
9- Coaching Leadership and Players
10- Management of the managers

In addition, the committee is composed of volunteer advisers who attend meetings and volunteer for sub-committees, tournaments, etc.

2.1 - New Position: Goalie advisor
2.1.1 - This advisor will arrange for goalie clinics and workshops - initiatives to attract young goalies, and give them extra ice time.

3. Process for Determining the Number of Teams

Once the registration process is complete, the association will determine the number of recreational teams per level of competition.

Guidelines :

Under 9 will have a maximum of 15 players per team

Under 10 and over
  • If a division has 20 players or less, this division will have only one (1) team.
  • If the number is between 21 and 34 players, this division will have two (2) teams.
  • If there are more than 35 players, this division will have three (3) teams.
  • If the number is more than 47 players, this division will have four (4) teams.
  • If the number is more than 59 players, this division will have five (5) teams.
Divisions U16 and U19 will be decided once the entries are completed, depending on the number of players per division. The association will try, as much as possible, to form an U16 team and another U19 instead of a U16 / U19 combo.


The most important person in the community sport experience is the PARTICIPANT. The Dieppe Ringette Association (ARD) is responsible for protecting the safety of players and ensuring their well-being. To do this, ARD must make decisions in the best interests of the participants. Thus, any decision regarding the reclassification of a player will take into account all aspects of the player's development. One of the first goals of ringette is to develop positive self-esteem. ARD is committed to managing the registration of players to meet Ringette Canada's age levels. It is therefore important for players to practice sport with girls of the same age group. The reclassification of a player will not be allowed. In almost all cases, it is better to challenge the player with her leadership than to play her in a higher age group. Notwithstanding the above, ARD may, in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, recommend that a player advance to the next age group in accordance with the guidelines as stipulated in this policy.


In all cases recommending the reclassification of a player to the next age group, the ARD's decision will be based on evaluation criteria to ensure that the decision is in the best interest of the association and of the player. The following criteria will be assessed:

Criteria for assessment of the association:
  1. The number of players in the older age group and the similar age group;
  2. The impact on teams in both age groups: is the change good for the team that will inherit the player? Will the change compromise the losing team?
  3. Is this change good for ARD?

Criteria for evaluating the player

  1. The player must be in her last year of her age group;
  2. The player must rank in the top 10% of the players who play in the older age group (eg if a player is to go from U12 to U14 and there are 30 players U14, the player must rank among the top 3 players U14);
  3. All concerns related to risk management should be taken on an individual basis; 4. Movement to the older age group is valid for one (1) year only.
In any case, the player's point of view will be respected before finalizing the decision. Coaching feedback will also be considered in the player's assessment. The decision of the ARD is final, binds the parties and there will be no appeal process to the ADR executive.

It is agreed that from time to time, on a temporary basis, a player may be required to play with an older age group so that a coach may complete her team due to the absence of players. Any arrangement other than that covered by this policy will be managed by the parties involved, in the respect of the interests of all and ADR. However, the ARD reserves the right to intervene if there is a repetition of such a request or if the circumstances require the intervention of ADR.

4. Team Evaluation and Selection Policy

Once the registration is complete and the coaches of the teams have been selected, they will be provided with a list of players for their respective divisions.


Coaches, assistants ( one per team) and an impartial member of the association will evaluate the players to divide the teams with the objective of having teams of equal skill level and skill to the best of their ability. Assistants (1 per team) and evaluators in each division will rate and rank the players on a 1-4 scale with "4" being the highest skill level. The difference of opinion in the assessment of a player's skills will go through the mediation of the director and coaches who can consult with other ringette coaches who know the potential of the player. The goal will be to have as balanced skills as possible between the teams. It is important to note that youth evaluation is even more important than team selection. Evaluators must be impartial.There will be ice hours available for the evaluation process.
Under 9
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
Under 19


Team selection is important to ensure a league well balanced and in the best interest of the players, coaches, officials, parents and the Dieppe Ringette Association. Team selection is a pleasant process for everyone and should not be stressful for anyone.

Recommendation for guidelines
  • The players will be ranked by the coaches and placed in a "controlled draft" for this division.
  • Team - "draft" A draft process to select teams will be undertaken by the head coach and an assistant.
  • The rank of the repêchage will be drawn at random. All the names of the players will be deposited in one of 4 lists. Players ranked at the same rank will be listed according to their level of assessment
  • The number of players in each list will depend on the number of teams (ie equal amount of "4" players - then each coach receives the same number of "4" players from the list of players "4" or as close as possible dependent on numbers).
  • The draft will always start with the best players first, followed by slightly weaker players.
  • Before the repechage starts, the coach who has a child in this division will be the last to choose from any list. The same rules apply in the case of a sister.
  • All trades of players after the "draft" can only be made between the players evaluated in the same list.
  • The trades will be allowed for a maximum of one week after the draft. The trading deadline will be set at the draft meeting; no later than October 31 of the current season.
  • Player exchange decisions are based on the best interests of both the player and the Dieppe Ringette Association. Skill, maturity, size (safety), number of registered players and strengthening of the sport will all be considered.
1.2.1 No special requests will be allowed after the Under 9 level, except for exceptional reasons that must be taken by the presidency of the association or the vice-presidency. (Example of unauthorized application: being with a friend on a specific team)

5. Coaching Selection Process

The association insists that its coaching staff follow exemplary standards of conduct in discussions with other coaches, referees, and officials, and to project a positive image towards the participants and parents of the Dieppe Ringette Association. The coaching staff is an integral part of the association, and should support the decisions of the executive and respect the policies and Code of Conduct of the association. Those interested in volunteering to become coaches can apply via the registration process.

The coaches will be selected by the executive committee of the association on the following basis:

- Certification
- Experience
- Ability to work with and develop our athletes
- Philosophy of Fair Play

The Director of Coaching, accompanied by two (2) members of the board of directors, will meet each person who has indicated his interest for the positions of head coach. The format of the meetings will be of the "interview" type and each person will be informed of the decision about his / her application within 48 hours of the interviews.

6. Team Coaches

All coaching staff, be it the head coach or an assistant, must be informed of their duties and responsibilities.

Note: All coaches and staff members of the team will be representatives of the Dieppe Ringette Association and will be approved and appointed by the executive.

Each team must have a woman on the bench at all matches.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. The full participation and promotion of the Dieppe Ringette Association Fair Play Program as outlined in this manual.
  2. Training includes teaching and improving ringette skills and promoting the teamwork and sportsmanship of its players.
  3. It is the philosophy of the Dieppe Ringette Association that all participants receive equal ice time. It is recognized that certain circumstances will make it not entirely possible. However, it is expected that during the season, opportunities will exist to ensure that this goal can be achieved. Ice time lost due to disciplinary action and suspensions is not applicable.
  4. The coach must ensure that each player is properly protected and that parents are informed of the need for properly fitted and approved equipment. Players must wear their helmets, properly fastened at all times, from the moment they leave the locker room, during the warm-up, when they are on the bench or on the penalty bench. (The only exception is for medal presentation and team photos) .
  5. All players must shake hands with their opponents at the end of a game.
  6. The coaching staff must have a respectful attitude towards the referees. A lack of self-control will not be tolerated by the executive of the Dieppe Ringette Association who will conduct an investigation that could lead to a layoff. The use of foul language by a staff member of the team is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Association.
  7. The coach is responsible for appointing one or more competent coach-assistants and a manager. All volunteers must complete the necessary RCMP Consent forms.
  8. You are advised to have reasonable control over your players at all times: on the ice, in locker rooms, at tournaments, in hotels, etc.
  9. The Dieppe Ringette Association supports and encourages its coaches to continue to improve their skills and certification through continuing education. Some of the courses required to become a coach will be paid for by the Association. All coaches must complete ISA Level 1 (Introduction to Community Sport), including ethics training. The Association will cover the full cost of the clinics.

7. Team Managers

The team manager is appointed by the coach and the parents. The manager is the first line of communication with the parents for the coach of the team as well as the other teams in the association. The manager is responsible for convening team meetings and parent organization for the activities and responsibilities of the team.

Duties and responsibilities:
  1. Respect the promotion of the Code of Conduct, as described in this manual.
  2. Prepare a schedule to help the coach with the organization and schedule of the games and practices.
  3. Register the team at tournaments and pay for the costs.
  4. Ensure that team uniforms and other equipment are taken care of before, after and between games.
  5. Obtain timekeepers for regular season and preseason games, in accordance with established rules, and pay the referees in accordance with the association's guidelines.
  6. Be sure to keep a copy of all team game reports and post the results of home games on RNB online.
  7. Ensure that each party's report has been duly completed by both teams and delivered to the referee at least five minutes before the game.
  8. Set up a first aid kit for the team and ensure that it is available for all team activities. Be aware of emergency procedures at local arenas and elsewhere and have phone numbers for ambulances, other emergency services, and those of the players' parents.
  9. Ensure that there is a responsible adult accompanying an injured player who is transported to the hospital in the absence of the parents, and that the necessary medical report forms are available for the needs of the attending physician. In addition, ensure that the report of the accident is promptly filed with the Presidency.
  10. Arrange for fundraising for the team to be organized according to guidelines provided by the Association.
  11. Make all the arrangements of the team regarding the Associations’ Tournament. 12.Provide a list of volunteers from their team to complete the 6 hours of volunteer work required for ARD tournaments.
  12. Ensure that each family of players and coaches receive a list of the team's composition as well as the schedule of games and practices.
  13. Ensure that all players are properly registered for provincial insurance and competitions through the Association Secretary.
  14. Ensure that all rules and policies of the Association are respected, and that any deviations from them are reported to the Executive Committee.
  15. Ensure that the collection and remittance of all monies owed to the Treasurer of the Association are paid according to the due dates of the invoices.
  16. Ensure, by confirmation directly with the team coaching staff, that all Association assets (such as goalkeeper equipment, rings, pylons and jerseys) are returned to the Equipment Manager. at the end of the season. It is best if all communicate directly with the equipment manager to avoid misunderstandings when returning the equipment.
  17. Refrain from being on the bench during games unless you have completed the manager's certification. Details for certification can be obtained from the Director of Managers.

8. Code of Conduct of the Association

This Code of Conduct identifies the behavior expected of all members and participants of the Dieppe Ringette Association (ARD). This policy applies to players, parents, tutors, coaches, officials, volunteers, directors, officers, committee members and team managers involved in all ARD activities.

All players, coaches and parents will read and sign a code of conduct at the beginning of the ringette season
  • ARD is committed to providing an environment in which all people are treated with respect
  • ARD members and participants must demonstrate Adequate and courteous behavior at all times, according to the values ​​of the ARD, which includes fair play, integrity and mutual respect
  • During all ARD activities and events, members must avoid behavior that could harm the reputation of the DRA or sport, such as alcohol, drug abuse and underage drinking.)
  • ARD members and participants must at all times respect the policy and procedures of ARD, rules and regulations that govern ARD events and activities in which the member participates on behalf of ARD
  • ARD members and participants must not engage in an activity or behavior that interferes with a competition or with a player or team preparing for a competition or endangering the safety of others
  • ARD members must refrain from comments or behavior that is disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. Harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

9. Dieppe Ringette Association Fair-play Policy

It is ARD's philosophy that all participants receive equal ice time for all levels of play. We strictly adhere to the philosophy that every player is important, regardless of skill level. We do not want and will not tolerate a coach shortening his bench to win a match, other than in the last three minutes of a game if he feels the result of the game can be changed. The only exception to reducing a player's ice time will be for disciplinary reasons (lack of respect, etc.). The self-image and the feeling of being an important member who contributes to a team is of the most high importance. No player shall be favored with respect to additional ice time. The bottom line is that our teams represent the association and our municipality in a positive way, regardless of victory or defeat.

Fair Play Code ......... for PLAYERS
  • The player's code has been adopted to encourage fair play, and remind players that they also have a responsibility to their team.
  • I choose to play ringette because I want it, not because my parents or coaches want it
  • I respect the rules of ringette in the spirit of the game
  • I control my temperament: fights and "verbal aggression" can ruin the game for everyone
  • I respect my opponents
  • I do everything possible to be a true team player
  • I remember that winning is not a priority. The fun, improving the skills, making friends and giving my best are also important
  • I recognize all the good games and the great performances of my team as well as my opponents
  • I recognize that the coaches and the officials are there to help me, so I accept their decision and I am respectful.

Code of Fair Play ......... for COACHES

  • I use common sense when planning games and practices, keeping in mind that players have other interests and obligations. I encourage my players to play fair and respect the rules, officials and opponents
  • I make sure all players get the same information, support and ice time • I refrain from ridiculing or shouting insults to my players who made mistakes or played badly. I remember that players play this sport to have fun and should rather be encouraged to build self-confidence
  • I make sure that equipment and facilities are safe, according to the ages and abilities of the players. I remember that players need a coach they can respect. So I'm generous with my encouragement and I set a good example
  • I maintain proper training and continue to improve myself
  • I work with team leaders for the benefit of the game.

Code of Fair Play ......... for PARENTS

  • I do not force my child to play ringette
  • I remember that my child plays ringette for his own pleasure, not for mine
  • I encourages my child to play by the rules of the game and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence
  • I teach my child that doing his best is more important than winning, never to be disappointed by the result of a match
  • I make sure that my child feels winning in every game, and encourages him for his sportsmanship and perseverance
  • I never ridicule or shout for insults to my child for having made a mistake
  • I remember that children are learning by example, so I applaud the good moves and performances of both teams
  • I never question the judgment or honesty of officials in public
  • I support all Efforts to Eliminate Verbal and Physical Abuse
  • I respect and show appreciation for volunteer coaches who volunteer their time for my child.

Fair Play Code ......... for SPECTATORS

  • I agree that participants play for fun rather than for entertainment
  • I have no unrealistic expectations. I remember that the players are not professionals
  • I respect the decisions of the officials and I encourage the participants to do the same
  • I never ridicule a player for having made a mistake during a match. Rather, I give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort
  • I condemn the use of violence in all its forms and I express my disapproval in a manner appropriate to the coaches and officials of the league. I am respectful of the opposing team because without them there would be no play.
  • • I refrain from using vulgar language and harassing players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.


10. Registration of Players

No player may participate in ADR activities unless it is properly registered. A player must register in the community where she is resident at the beginning of the season.

  1. Registrations will be available online from the link found on the association's website
  2. Registration may be canceled if the fees are not paid in full by November 30 of the current season. Registration will be retained until the previous year's fees are paid.
  3. Full team alignment (GNI alignment) on the appropriate forms must be filed with the ARD Secretary no later than October 30th. The lists must include all players and a maximum of five (5) volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, managers)
  4. Refunds will be prorated, with the exception of a fixed amount for insurance and administration fees. No refunds are allowed after January 10.
  5. No new registrations will be accepted after November 1st. Players currently registered with another ringette association will be considered based on team availability.
  6. Players who choose to play only in a provincial team must also register with the Dieppe Association for insurance purposes
6.1 - The Dieppe Ringette Association recognizes the need to give players the option of only play provincial U14 / U16 / U19. The player will have until October 30 to decide if she wants to play in one of the teams of the Dieppe Association. The decision must be taken at the presidency of the association or the vice-presidency.

11. Equipment Policy

Goalkeeper Equipment
The ARD supplies U9 / U10 / U12 level goalkeeper equipment, specifically the leggings, blocker, trapper and chest protector, from the inventory that is already available in our equipment room. If a piece of equipment is missing, the association will take the necessary measures to obtain it. The equipment borrowed will be returned to the association at the end of the regular season. The Equipment Manager will ensure equipment is signed to the coach or manager of a goalkeeper's team. When distributing the equipment, the coach or manager as well as the parent of the player must sign a sheet of paper stating that a fine will be imposed if the equipment is not returned to the player. the end of the season.The association will have the mission to buy used equipment for the next season.

the logo is available for printing or embroidery by other companies.

each manager or coach of the team must ensure that clean jerseys are returned at the end of the season. All equipment and jerseys remain the property of ARD. No logo or sponsor name may be added on jerseys without ARD's approval. Players are invited to wear their team shirts for parties only, and are required to wear their own practice shirts for all ice hours other than team games. Personal name strips must be removed at the end of the season. After April 15th, the association will charge $ 75 for unreturned team jerseys.

ARD recommends that each player wear black pants. A team that wants to buy trousers will have to choose the model approved by the association.

Rings and Safety Kits
Each team will have rings for the year, one ring per player. The rings must be returned to the Equipment Manager at the end of the season. A $ 6 fee per missing ring will be charged to the team.

12. Ice Time Policy: Schedules - Cancellation of Games and Practices

At the beginning of the season, each manager or team head coach will receive his or her season schedule from the Director of Ice Programming. The schedule of the recreational games as well as practices for the year will be included. Each team will also receive the full schedule of provincial games. It is the responsibility of the manager or coach of each team to check their respective schedule with the one received from the province to ensure that all parts of your team are correctly listed on your schedule before sending it to each parent of your team. The schedules provided by the Director of Ice Programming have already taken into consideration the ice time lost by ARD for Dieppe tournaments and holidays. A list of these dates will be provided at the same time each team receives its schedule for the season. A list of contacts for all New Brunswick teams is posted on our website. If for any reason a game needs to be canceled due to weather or uncontrollable circumstances, the team is responsible for notifying their opponent as soon as possible. In the case of a home game, the Referee Director must also be notified in order to cancel the referees. An effort must be made to plan the canceled part. The referee director must be notified to ensure that the referees are available for the new game time.

Here are some points regarding ice time allocation:
  • The season usually runs from the beginning of October to the next. end of March
  • If possible, each team will receive two hours of ice time per week. However, given tournaments, vacations, cancellations, and away games, there will be a few weeks with less than two hours of ice time
  • In general, the 18+ category will only receive one hour Ice time per week
  • Younger levels will sometimes have ice time shared for practices
  • Where possible, one hour per week will be spent on a power skating session for U9 and / or U10 in addition to goalkeeper clinics
  • U9 games will consist of two (2) consecutive periods of 24 minutes each, with no play stoppage, and every three (3) minutes the buzzer will sound indicate the change of players • The U10 games, as well as the other higher categories, will consist of five (5) minutes of warm-up and two (2) 17-minute periods with play stoppage.
  • For S10 teams, as well as than the others In the upper categories, each team must play at least once a year against teams from outside the South-East region and twice a year against teams from the region.
  • Given these requirements, most teams from U10 to U19 will have about two trips a year outside the region. These trips will be scheduled as much as possible before January or during weekends when the teams will have no ice time because of the tournaments or competitions organized in Dieppe arenas (hockey, speed skating, figure skating).
  • Each team will receive the same hours each week, but given the large number of teams and outings for games, it will not always be possible. usually participate in a tournament (Fredericton, Kent South, Shediac), no ice time will be scheduled in Dieppe. However, the director of ice programming will contact each manager before these tournaments, and for teams that do not participate, they will receive one or two hours of ice in Dieppe. (if available)
  • For all the parts of your schedule initially received, the referees are already reserved for these parts via the referee's director of the association
  • For the practice hours allotted throughout the season, the teams may decide to schedule a game, but are responsible for reserving referees through the Referee Director
  • If you decide to change the dates of a game in Dieppe, please advise the Referee Director. may not use a time of ice received, you must notify the Director of Ice Programming a minimum of 10 days before, in order to give the latter the time required to find a replacement team or cancel the time of ice with the City of Dieppe
Note: The City of Dieppe has a direct number that you can Call for information regarding the closure of its facilities during inclement weather. There is also the City's Info-Closing web page:

13. Out-Province Travel Policy

Ringuette New Brunswick has been informed by our insurance provider that RNB must be notified before departure of any out-of-province trip, whether for the entire team or certain players. All of these trips must be approved by RNB and then forwarded to our insurance provider. NBR requires the list of participants, the date of departure, the destination and the return date for all NB teams, house and competitive league.

Again, this information must be sent to RNB prior to departure. The necessary form will be available on our website and must be submitted to RNB at this email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details listed above.

14. Accident or Injury Reports

All injuries or accidents that occur during ringette activities must be reported to the association president or vice-president.

All reports of injuries or accidents must be reported to the association president or vice-president. to be submitted directly to the RNB office.

All potential and actual injuries resulting from participation in ringette must be reported immediately to the RNB office. RNB will provide a copy of the form for use until the risk management policy is finalized.

More information will be sent to members regarding all off-ice ringette events and our insurance coverage.

15. RCMP Consent Form

All Board Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and Volunteers will be required to complete the RCMP's Consent for Record Disclosure Consent by November 15th of each year.

The form must be used by any person associated with ARD who will hold a position of responsibility for the well-being of one or more children or vulnerable person.

These forms will be valid for three (3) years. All information will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. The association will provide the necessary forms to the coaches, assistant coaches and managers.

If for any reason a coach, assistant coach or director refuses to complete the RCMP Consent Form, they will not be able to hold a position. Volunteer within the association.The form to be completed is free for board members, coaches, assistant coaches and managers.

We wish everyone a great ringette season and thank all the volunteers for your continued support and encouragement.



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