You will find in this section the schedules for each of the divisions as well as the coaches and managers of the teams.


Dieppe Impact FUN1


Nicole Leblanc
Head Coach & Team Manager


FUN1 Calendar


Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Landry)


Mathieu Landry
Head Coach
Virginie Decroocq
Team Manager
FUN2 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Leblanc)


Jean Leblanc
Head Coach
Lissa Jalbert
Team Manager
FUN2 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U10 (Gaudet)


Gabrielle Gaudet
Head Coach
Anik Bastarache
Team Manager
U10 (Gaudet) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Landry)


Marie-Hélène Landry
Head Coach
Jennifer Cool
Team Manager
U10 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Leblanc)


Lise Leblanc
Head Coach
Nicole Leblanc
Team Manager
U10 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U12T1 (Landry)


Michel Landry
Head Coach
Lois Landry
Team Manager
U12T1 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Boudreau)


Marcel Boudreau
Head Coach
Christina Sears-Arseneault
Team Manager
U12 (Boudreau) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Leblanc)


Catherine Leblanc
Head Coach
Melanie Martin
Team Manager
U12 (Leblanc) Calendar


Codiac Cyclones U14T1


Grace MacMillan
Co-Head Coach
Elyse Grandmaison
Co-Head Coach
Sylvie Kirkpatrick
Team Manager
U14T1 Calendar
Dieppe Impact U14 (Anika)


Anika Deschênes
Head Coach
Stephanie Albert
Team Manager
U14 (Anika) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U16 (Diotte)


Marc Diotte
Head Coach
Myriam Cormier-Arseneault
Team Manager
U16 (Diotte) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U16 (Leblanc)


Suzanne LeBlanc
Head Coach
Mia Laforge Vautour
Team Manager
U16 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact Open (Nicole)


Nicole Poirier
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Nicole) Calendar
Dieppe Impact Open (Sonia)


Sonia Richard
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Sonia) Calendar

Become a coach or team manager with the Dieppe Ringette Association


The first step is to inform us of your interest by registering or our RAMP portal. To log in, use the same account as to register a player.


Within the registration process, you will need to provide your NCCP number from the Coaching Association of Canada. If you do not already have an account, please create one at The Locker.



Training and Certifications


Every volunteer with the Dieppe Ringette Association, including all coaches and team managers, must complete one of the following two courses in order to comply with Ringette NB's Safe Sports policy.


Safe Sport Training by the Coaching Association of Canada

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders de Respect Group Inc.


Head coaches and assistant coaches must obtain the CSI Trained status by completing the Community Sport Initiation module. Head coaches at levels U12 and up must also receive the CI Certified status by completing the Competition Introduction module. This certification is also mandatory for assistant coaches starting at U14.


Online training courses required for these modules can be found on The Locker, while in-class and on-ice clinics are listed on the website, under the "Clinics" tab (must be logged-in). A few clinics have already been listed for Fall 2022.

Please note that we will not always have this page updated. Please check the above websites for the latest information about upcomming clinics.




Please note that for the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training, you must consult the Calendar section of The Locker. Currently the next offering of this training is held online on September 20th 2023.


Please note that the Dieppe Ringette Association will reimburse you the fees for mandatory courses. Please keep a copy of your receipts and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Criminal Record Check


All coaches and team manager must complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC or VSS) by visiting an RCMP station and present it to the Dieppe Ringette Association by November 15th following the start of the season at the latest, preferably throught the RAMP registration portal.


In order to request your CRC and VSS free of charge, a personalized letter will be provided by a member of the board to confirm you are a volunteer with the Dieppe Ringette Association. These letters will be prepared and handed off once team rosters and coaching staff has been submitted. Please contact us if you have not received a letter by the end of October.


All information will be kept strictly confidential and will remain valid for a duration of three years. There is no need to renew your CRC and VSS sooner.



Woman on the Bench


Each team must have a certified woman (same level as required for assistant coaches) on the bench during games. If the team staff does not have any woman, the team must at least have a female screened (VSC provided to the association) volunteer that is at least 16 years old and has completed the Safe Sports training by the Coaching Association of Canada.



Rule of Two


The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are open, observable, and justifiable. When following the Rule of Two, two responsible adults (a coach, parent, or screened volunteer) are present with a participant. There may be exceptions in emergency situations.


For more information about the Rule of Two, please check out the Coaching Association of Canada's page by clicking here.



Other Ressources


A Manager's Manual is currently under redaction and will be available on this page as soon as possible!


The Code of Conduct of the Dieppe Ringette Association, which is accepted by all members when registering on our RAMP portal, can be found in our association's Policies (sections #8 and 9). A PDF version can also be downloaded here.



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