You will find in this section the schedules for each of the divisions as well as the coaches and managers of the teams.


Dieppe Impact FUN1


Nicole Leblanc
Head Coach & Team Manager


FUN1 Calendar


Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Landry)


Mathieu Landry
Head Coach
Virginie Decroocq
Team Manager
FUN2 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact FUN2 (Leblanc)


Jean Leblanc
Head Coach
Lissa Jalbert
Team Manager
FUN2 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U10 (Gaudet)


Gabrielle Gaudet
Head Coach
Anik Bastarache
Team Manager
U10 (Gaudet) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Landry)


Marie-Hélène Landry
Head Coach
Jennifer Cool
Team Manager
U10 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U10 (Leblanc)


Lise Leblanc
Head Coach
Nicole Leblanc
Team Manager
U10 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U12T1 (Landry)


Michel Landry
Head Coach
Lois Landry
Team Manager
U12T1 (Landry) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Boudreau)


Marcel Boudreau
Head Coach
Christina Sears-Arseneault
Team Manager
U12 (Boudreau) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U12 (Leblanc)


Catherine Leblanc
Head Coach
Melanie Martin
Team Manager
U12 (Leblanc) Calendar


Codiac Cyclones U14T1


Grace MacMillan
Co-Head Coach
Elyse Grandmaison
Co-Head Coach
Sylvie Kirkpatrick
Team Manager
U14T1 Calendar
Dieppe Impact U14 (Anika)


Anika Deschênes
Head Coach
Stephanie Albert
Team Manager
U14 (Anika) Calendar


Dieppe Impact U16 (Diotte)


Marc Diotte
Head Coach
Myriam Cormier-Arseneault
Team Manager
U16 (Diotte) Calendar
Dieppe Impact U16 (Leblanc)


Suzanne LeBlanc
Head Coach
Mia Laforge Vautour
Team Manager
U16 (Leblanc) Calendar


Dieppe Impact Open (Nicole)


Nicole Poirier
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Nicole) Calendar
Dieppe Impact Open (Sonia)


Sonia Richard
Capitain/Team Manager
Open (Sonia) Calendar


The Dieppe Ringette Association is pleased to host some Come Try Ringette sessions to introduce participants and parents to the incredible sport of Ringette. Ringette is loved by many for its focus on players being included on a team as a primary measure of success. Technical skating and game play skills are developed gradually through fun practices, dedicated volunteer coaches, and adequate ice time.


Our upcoming events will be:


Date and Time: March 9th 2024 at 11:00 AM (arrive at least 20 minutes early to be on the ice on time)
Location: UNIplex (450 College st, Dieppe, NB E1A 1V3)
Register for Mar 9th!


Date and Time: April 12th 2024 at 6:00 PM (arrive at least 20 minutes early to be on the ice on time)
Location: UNIplex (450 College st, Dieppe, NB E1A 1V3)
Register for Apr 12th!


Other events are available throughout the province. You can find them on the Come Try Ringette website by selecting New Brunswick.


Who should come:

  • This event is open to athletes ages 4 and up (year of birth 2019 or older) who want to have fun on ice!
  • Individuals and their friend(s) who are curious about ringette.
  • No experience in ringette or skating is necessary - the perfect age to start ringette is the age you are right now!

What should your athlete bring/wear?

  • Minimum requirements
    • Helmet (skating or skiing helmets only, no bike helmets) (hockey or ringette cage recommended, but not required)
    • Skates
    • Gloves (Hockey/Ringette/Lacrosse gloves recommended, winter mittens or gloves acceptable)
  • Additional equipment recommended, but not required.
    • Neck guard
    • Elbow pads
    • Knee / Shin pads
    • Ringette girdle / Hockey pants
  • Ringette sticks will be available to borrow at the event!



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